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Now how are the mobs s'posed to know who is going to be attacking them ahead of time? Not their fault they happened to eat a smuggler before your band-of-brothers attacked.

I say leave it be... stop whinin... try again tomorrow...
Once you get all those drops you'll be bored and threatening to un-sub anyway.

Not to try to inject some valid mathematical reasoning into why this might happen but... have any of you considered for a moment that perhaps the intention is that your probability of success is INTENDED to be less than 25%!!! If that is true (and I strongly suspect it is) then you should not be able to arbitrarily improve your chances of success to 25% by simply showing up with 4 troopers!!! This just seems obvious to me, so please stop with these whiney "I didn't get the toy I wanted" posts... your odds of success should be no better than 4 people who show up with 4 different classes, period.
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