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I have read the majority of the SW books out there. There actually is a Old Republis series out there, with about 9-10 books in the series. Only the first 3 are really relevant to SWTOR though.

The first book, Fatal Alliance, is good, and takes place before SWTOR and the Treaty of Coruscant, but really isn't too related to SWTOR.

The second (third really, but don't read e second, The Third Lesson, it's SOOO bad), Deceived, is really good, and chronicles the sacking of Coruscant, the destruction of the Jedi Temple, the Treaty of Coruscant, and Darth Malgus...and is a really good book.

The third book, Revan, just came out. If you've ever played KOTOR, you'll absolutely love this book. I have played them both, and I couldn't put this book down. It ties well into SWTOR too, playing on the lore and the character classes well.

The rest of the books, mostly the Lost Tribe of the Sith series, is a good series, but takes place in the time between the Treaty of Coruscant and 1 BBY. Not bad books, but not really related to SWTOR.

Quick summary? Buy these:
Fatal Alliance