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I just finished this as a level 38 sage. It is very solo-able, just not a dumb heal spam as the others.

3 silver (marauder, juggernaut and sorcerer) is the only tough one, so here is my strategy.

1. Get Tharan
2. Forcelift the sorceror.
3. Nuke the maruader (tank and heal).
4. when Sorceror comes back, ignore the Jugg and focus on Sorceror and interrupt his aoe - stun, mind snap, and holiday.
5. Once sorceror is down, kill Jugg last (tank and heal).

I love a challenging solo so this quest was extremely satisfying. I would hate to see this nerfed.
This, 100%. Use the stations to mitigate the MOB damage too. With Tharan is awesome for this quest. With his back-up heals and frequent CC'ing of the third MOB, it's not impossible.

Attis Station is a very challenging quest, particularly if you don't use your brain on it. If you approach it with a bit of planning and strategy (as a good Consular should), then it is manageable!