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I really want the FURY! It comes with a cool Malgus minifig and 2 Sith Troops. I don't care for the Republic Ship but I do want the Statele minifig. I will always play with LEGO, but.....its so expensive now, I haven't bought a set in atleast 3 years! Back in the day when a nowadays set that is $14.99 used to around $9.99!
I don't really fancy the Republic Ship either, but I like having my LEGO ships whilst displayed to be in some sort of event, like groups fighting or a party of characters walking through a scenic environment or something, so I'm hopefully going to get at least 3 of each to bolster armies to make small scenes.

From what I've seen so far online, people have just been editing the Clone Wars LEGO helmet by sanding/removing the fin and changing the print, it looks good for a custom job, it's better than nothing.