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04.18.2012 , 02:30 AM | #19
maybe its possible to earn money with the color crystals, but honestly i dont care. i don't play this game to earn money above for what i need for raiding. when i craft something, i do it because i can improve my gear etc. when you get a lightsaber t3, you get one with a 41 stat crystal, and its not so hard to down the endboss in the palace. i dont care if my lightsaber is pink, blue, black or whatever. i care about the stat, thats it.

i am just looking for one thing for artifice, maybe there already is the possibility and you can help me.

I want to make enhancements that are at least equal to rakata gear, this would be the most useful thing for me for the profession as quite a lot of ppl are changing their armor modification items (and therefore farm more gear to take them out). but where are the recipies? do i have to destroy enhancements in rakata gear? not a single recipe dropped in the op's for me since the beginning. does anyone know if there is the possibility to get enhancement recipies through reengineering? and i am not talking about the lvl 22 crap enhancements (the green you learn ).