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Force speed does not defeat the map design. You'll probably only gain 30m with force speed if you run in a straight line. Unlike force jump abilities, you cant defeat the map terrain (low/high ground) or map obstacles (like fire).

Grapple does not help anyone score. It only helps defend and it only works on enemies. Every JK/SW will have two force jump abilities... one that works on friends and one that works on enemies.

A tank with 3 healers on it still has to follow the map design and its obstacles. Those 3 healers would have to have incredibly timed heals to heal the tank through the fire. Terrain hight could block LoS, ect.


This isnt a L2P argument. This is about two abilities that severely defeat the map design. If you notice (and L2P yourself) you'd know that the Huttball map was intentionally designed with certain advantages and disadvantages in mind. These force leap abilities defeat a lot of those designs.

For example, if the Huttball map was completely 1 tiered or flat, force leap abilities wouldnt be much of an issue.
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