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04.18.2012 , 01:59 AM | #8
I received the schematic for a War Hero Cyan color crystal from a grade 6 PVP crafting material box (purchased with champ/cent commendations). I shipped it off to my Artifice alt, and found that one of the materials required is Baradium Flux (it requires 2 of them.) This sucks because to purchase 1 Baradium Flux you need 1000 wz commendations or 1 BM commendation and they are BoP. I wish there was another way because this could be a good money maker, but as I won't be pvping all the time on my alt, it will take me a while to get enough wz commendations to make just 1 color crystal, and even then I have backlogs of orders from guildies.

Edit: Screen shot link added