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Has it ever occurred to you that damage/healing/protection out isn't the only thing that makes someone MVP worthy? Maybe you see it as an atrocity that someone in the middle of the DPS chart gets an MVP and you don't, but you know people sometimes see excellent performance by someone, and it's memorable, and they think of that person as the MVP. That happens in Huttball all the time. You might be in the middle of the action the whole game and end up on the top of the DPS chart, but if you've paid no attention to where the ball is, and you've ignored everything related to the objective, maybe you don't actually deserve the MVP vote in someone else's eyes. Maybe it's the guy who did moderate damage/healing, but passed the ball intelligently, CC'd targets at key moments, etc. who is really deserving.

I vote for people that I see doing extraordinarily intelligent things during PvP. If I'm playing Huttball, I'll vote for the person who played smart and thought of the objective the whole time to help us win. If I'm playing Alderaan, I'll vote for the person that actually shifted around the map to defend key points and stuck with me on objectives rather than getting ADD and chasing people down. If I'm playing Void Star, I'll vote for the guy who used the massive battle at one door as an opening to plant the bomb at the other, and successfully defended it. If that's not you, even if you're at the top of the damage chart (which you probably won't be if you're in my game, because that's going to be me...), then too bad. But that doesn't mean the system itself is a joke.
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