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3. High-end crafted off-hand items: just one example.
The tug-o-war between raiders and crafters for best-in-slot bragging rights will never end. High-end raid loot and crafted loot using rare mats obtained as raid loot or world-boss loot will probably always vie for BIS honors. New raids and world bosses will come out, and that raid or world boss' shiny new lewt will be the flavor-of-the-month, then a new set of schematics will come out, using some new rare mat from somewhere, and the thundering herd will rumble off chasing its new FOTM. And back and forth it will go.
Do we really play the same game?

Crafting never had any chance against high-end vendor stuff... now they theorically could, but it's so stupid it isn't even worth mentioning.

As an artificer, what can you do better than the vendors?

- not hilts
- not crystals
- not enhancements
- not shields/catalyzers/generators

So, what is it worth in the end? Even the Relic is no better than some vendor-brought relics.