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04.18.2012 , 01:26 AM | #13
I can think of several reasons:

1. Augment slots.
Set-piece gear will never have augment slots. Crafted gear will, with a critical success.

2. Removable set-piece mods.
Maybe you're one of those people who don't mind looking like a walking doily. I, however, am not. If BioWare follows through on their promise to allow us to yank the mods out of our Rakata Consular gear and stick them in crafted armor pieces and still retain the set bonuses as long as we put the armor inserts into armor pieces that are used on the same part of the body (for example, helmet-to-helmet transfers), we will see a revival of armor crafting. And if the set bonuses are bound to the armor inserts, that leaves Enhancements as tinkering bait. Let the tweaking begin!

3. High-end crafted off-hand items: just one example.
The tug-o-war between raiders and crafters for best-in-slot bragging rights will never end. High-end raid loot and crafted loot using rare mats obtained as raid loot or world-boss loot will probably always vie for BIS honors. New raids and world bosses will come out, and that raid or world boss' shiny new lewt will be the flavor-of-the-month, then a new set of schematics will come out, using some new rare mat from somewhere, and the thundering herd will rumble off chasing its new FOTM. And back and forth it will go.

TL-DR Version:
MMOs are never static. It's a nub's mistake to assume that the status quo in ANY given moment is now suddenly locked in permacrete. It WILL change, just as it was changed oh-so-recently. It is the destiny of MMOs to change. It is unavoidable. So my advice is: play the game, have fun, and don't sweat it if you temporarily miss having best-in-slot gear in every slot on your toon. Is it really worth it to /ragequit over that extra .05% boost in your critical-hit tallies? I think not.

And besides, when the pendulum swings back and Artifice gear is the new FOTM, you're not going to be the poor sot that has to go back and re-grind 400 (if not more) points of Artificing to get back to the top of the heap again. You'll be the top of the heap.