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I have a lot of Miraluka characters and a great love for the species so I'll try and give my interpretation. Their sight is obviously an important trait, and I would describe their sense of sight as variable. The force allows them to, through various methods of "seeing" do many things. Whereas a traditionally-sighted Jedi must learn to wield a lightsaber guided by the force, not by their eyes, to a Miraluka there is no difference. Thus I tend to think of them as preternaturally gifted in all forms of martial combat.

The ambiguity over how exactly their sight "works" is reflective of how alien it truly is. Just as a human blind since birth could not tell you what the color blue is, neither could a Miraluka, at least not using any of the same points of reference. I see Miraluka as being able to "focus" in different ways, a Jedi may focus on the energies of combat or the alignments of the force itself, and through careful practice use the force to see what they need to see. So the answer, to me, at least, is all of the above. A Miraluka's vision is whatever it needs to be, if the individual is talented enough to hone their sight in such ways.

The existing pieces of lore on the subject all point to this ambiguity, there are very definite things a Miraluka can do, and they can teach force sight to others, though there is no way to know whether it is the same force sight as a Miraluka possesses. For instance, Visas Marr teaches the Exile force sight, which manifests as seeing individuals alignment and presence in the force without physical detail or attribute. Notably it seems to only show people, and even then there are some who can cloak themselves to that particular technique. If the Sith could completely evade Miraluka sight they would have wiped them out by now.

As for the social sense of being a Miraluka, their nature lends itself to forming close bonds in all things. Many Miraluka join the Jedi Order, and they have long been mutually respectful allies. Miraluka that leave Alpheridies would see joining the Jedi as a worthy and necessary sacrifice. A Miraluka Jedi might have a particularly difficult time forsaking the personal bonds and attachments that the order requires of them. Miraluka of other classes in the Republic may be more individualistic and adventurous, but they would likely bond with their companions in a manner similar to that of family. Miraluka in the Empire would be very uncomfortable, with Miraluka Sith being extremely rare. The best explanation I have, RP-wise for this is kidnapping. Visas Marr was the sole survivor of Darth Nihilus' destruction of Katarr. He warped her force sight to turn her to his servitude. She was, however, very quick to leave and return to the light once defeated by the Exile. My Miraluka Inquisitor is the daughter of my Knight, kidnapped during infancy by a vengeful Sith Lord, for instance.

As for where the Miraluka would be most likely to go, planets strong in the force, and mysterious in the force would be the most likely. They would hold unique appeal. Same for planets with tremendous populations. Coruscant, Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, and Tython are all worlds Miraluka would be in some form drawn to. Miraluka would also likely be fascinated by the recent discovery of Voss. A new arrival to the Jedi on Tython may well have come directly from Alpheridies itself. A Miraluka Jedi living off homeworld before traveling to Tython would be rare. In the Empire, any Miraluka that is not a Bounty Hunter (who would have similar motivations to a Miraluka smuggler I'd think) would have likely been a slave that grew up in the Empire, and have no connection to their homeworld.