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Quote: Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
They made only one mistake: that being the first wording of the promotion "a gift to our most loyal...". Then it was edited to "one of", then to "every active subscriber".
It looks more like the promotion was a mistake no matter how they worded it.
The words arent broken,The promotion is.
The mistake cannot be reversed,rewording it isn't going to fix a thing.
I doubt they pull a promo like this again.

However If you were not rewarded as being an active subscriber.
A. You like to craft
B. You like to explore & Hunt datacrons
C. You replay favorite missions
D. Help Guildmates even though you out level the mission and recieve +5 XP
E. You socialize in game.... MMO?
F. Chose not to level to 50
G. Tried to keep your XP gain under control due to out leveling green missions and turning them grey.
H. Spend time upgradeing companions.
I. Spend time organizeing your Guild
J. Craft and Contribute to the Galactic Market.
K. Farm for crafting materials.
L. Created charactors On other servers
M. Thought you were an active subscriber even if you didnt want to level quickly.
N. Thought your game style and pace was acceptable and wouldnt be judged by some stupid Promo that excludes you for enjoying what you paid for.

You can do your Own promotion by taking a month off this year of 2012 at any time, any month from SWTOR,get back to a few games you like in your library ,and enjoy your free month of game time in a different game....SW will be here the rest of the year, but that personal 14.99 promotion you give yourself will be in the right hands for the right reasons.