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I'm thinking of rolling a Miraluka to roleplay. Before I do, I want to make sure I have a few facts straight. I messed up on a few facts and things with my Chiss and it totally ruined the character for me I don't want to make the same mistake twice; I hope there are some lore minded people who can help.

1) I have done a search and found that there are varying degrees of knowledge about the Miraluka vision.

In order of detailed vision, I have read:
a. they see just like we do but without eyes (IE: the force paints a realistic and colorful portrate in their minds eye),
b. they can see perfect detail in black and white but those who are shrouded in the force are visualized in an aura of color. So, as if a filter were placed on the black and white image.
c. they cannot see detail of any items that are not touched by the force; that their world is a general haze, becoming sharp when their attention is focused on an item close to the force. I picture them walking around in a fog where people and objects of force present themselves when focused upon.

I cannot seem to find a generally accepted truth though. Is there any further lore in SWTOR that would give more credit to any of this choices, or would it be similar to the adage "Can't prove if a Dog sees in black and white or color, so choose whatever you like."

This effects roleplay a great deal. She cannot be expected to be an excellent armortech if she cannot see detail in a non-force textile. Any insight people can give will help.

2) My understanding of their lifestyle is they are a very loyal people who consider their race more an extended family than a class of people. (Correct?). I also read they live on their homeworld of Alpheridies.

My question is this: If they are as loyal as I am understanding, would they seperate in family groups to live on other planets, or would they choose to remain on Alpheridies, only leaving for important missions or life decisions etc? If their loyalty has no influence on their family's residence, would there be a planet that they would gravatate to?

For example, going back to my Chiss, A Chiss family would be right at home on Hoth as a large number of their race has gravitated to the planet. In terms of Miraluka, would it be reasonable to assume she and her family were living on another planet (and which one) before she joined the Jedi Order on Tython. Afterall, the opening cinematic shows her flying in.... I just need to know from where.

Sorry sorry for the TL;DR post... .. I've tried to narrow it down, but these are the two questions that nag at me.