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If you could be so kind could you point me to the link that contains said information about the Legacy on these forums and how they work.

The point I was making is that the information is totally lacking and the disrespect shown by the PR people about "loyal" customers is creating a two-tiered system.

In my opinion the only reward that should have been offered is in-game rewards, i.e. the tauntan pet to all accounts that have qualified as founders and have an active subscription. Offering real world rewards and showing disrespect to those who don't qualify is a bad PR move.

Hell, offer the in-game reward to everyone like Guild Wars does at festivals to those that attend, this show good faith from BW to the community.

I will say no more on the subject as my stories are obviously not credible or believable to the "loyal" fanbase.
They made only one mistake: that being the first wording of the promotion "a gift to our most loyal...". Then it was edited to "one of", then to "every active subscriber".

They clearly stated Legacy will be a big deal, in more than one ocassion. They clearly stated that something big will come, linked to that Legacy bar and level. Some have chosen to ignore the official dogma... no problem.


In appreciation for your support every active subscriber with a Level 50 character or with a Legacy Level 6 account will receive thirty (30) days of game time**.
The final version of the "public draft" is "gift for your appreciation - every active subscriber".

Gift = not "recognition", or "given right", or "fidelity programme".. gift... something given as appreciation for something.. in this case for level 50 or legacy 6.

This is equivalent to the first game packages: You show disrespect to the player by offering anything extra for a different price = like the STAP. or dancer, or whatever, as comparison between a CE and a Standard, for instance. In the sales department, the deciding factor was MONEY.

In the game, the deciding factor was time and/or effort; not everybody gets the best XP per hour, so we apply effort here too, in the "quest to get to 50 or Legacy 6". In the game`s department, they decided to give 30 days.

Also, there was NEVER a question of being equal: from the start, pre-orders get a "unique" crystal. Razer peripherals get one "unique" crystal = although that is 86 DNA samples as of today ... . If I have War Hero gear, or Campaign gear... it does not mean you should have it or you must have it. You can put in the effort or you don`t, but it is ultimately your decision and your time and effort.

Just like this promotion, or gift. You can argue semantics all you want. The final official word is "every active subscriber". If you are waiting for a company of this size to apologize further, you are really delusional. They saved what face they could, get what you can and run, because chances are slim to none for a further compromise. So, put your head down and run to that level 50 or Legacy 6 by April 22, or just post here... nothing will change.

Ultimately, whatever reason you might have, you can still rectify your current state of affairs until April 22. If not, there is nobody to be blamed but yourself, for not meeting the criteria.