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If you could be so kind could you point me to the link that contains said information about the Legacy on these forums and how they work.

The point I was making is that the information is totally lacking and the disrespect shown by the PR people about "loyal" customers is creating a two-tiered system.

In my opinion the only reward that should have been offered is in-game rewards, i.e. the tauntan pet to all accounts that have qualified as founders and have an active subscription. Offering real world rewards and showing disrespect to those who don't qualify is a bad PR move.

Hell, offer the in-game reward to everyone like Guild Wars does at festivals to those that attend, this show good faith from BW to the community.

I will say no more on the subject as my stories are obviously not credible or believable to the "loyal" fanbase.
The in game reward makes sense and it should not be restricted to legacy 6 players either.

That being said, initially offering 30 days of free time to level 50 characters looks like a move to keep them subbed one more month, have the servers feels less empty and be able to report good subscriptions numbers.