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04.17.2012 , 01:39 PM | #50
Gut a class, severely change the mechanics of several abilities, no free respec = screwed.

Anytime you make major changes to a classes mechanics you should give players the option of chosing a different path than previously taken. Did the Mercs/Commandos ask you to make these changes? The answer would be no. Did you ask if you could make the changes? The answer would be no. Without prior consent, I do not see any logic in NOT allowing players to change how they allocated their skill points.

On an entirely cynical note, I made a BH Merc before the patch. I knew they would gut Merc healing since I read the patch notes and could not comprehend why they were making such massive changes to the healing ability of Merc/Commando. So I spec'd into one of the DPS trees like Bioware seems to want you to anyway. In this case foresight prevented a lot of aggravation.