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04.17.2012 , 10:14 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by GhostNato View Post
its fun infecting people

kinda reminds me of the undead invasion in WoW just before Lich King. people used to die pretty often there ha ha
You might find it fun. I do not.

Not a question of money, I have plenty, not a question of the effect itself. To me ot just feels like encouraging morons to annoy ( grief ) other player who did not want to be included in this dumb idea.

I feels like an event that was conceived around a couple of beer with no though of how it would impact those who find no humor in spreading diseases around. Even fake virtual disease.

I would have been fine if the only way you could get infected was to go to tatoine . Then I would have been ok simply ignoring Tatoine until it was over. This "feels" like non-concensual PvP.

Sorry I really do not like this event.