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ignoring the glaring spelling and grammar mistakes...

thats horribly biased isn't it? you're basically saying the republic wins and the empire gets its collective asses kicked.

personally i'd rather the war rage on for a long time. then after years of fighting and devastating the galaxy a grudging peace breaks out. the empire remains in sith space eventually falling due to stupidity of sith leadership (all that backstabbing, come on...) over the course of a couple hundred years. sorta like the fall of the roman empire.

the empires greatest weakness is themselves. their crazy traditions and society. its more satisfying to everyone if thats what brings down the empire.
That is why i made this topic i want everyone to give there opions.
After all only bioware eagames goegre lucas and god himself can truly deside how the story will end.

And i appoligize my english has bin in dicline for years.
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