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Quote: Originally Posted by HotLeadSingerGuy View Post
Then explain why Shadows got a re-skill lol.
The "you get a free respec" system is automated. It happens when skill tree structure changes. We don't do it by hand. If Shadows got a free respec, then there's a bug in the system and we'll investigate. Thanks for pointing that out.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chuck_Diesel View Post
Wow, that was so unwarranted. RuQu is one of the most mature, concise posters on the SWTOR forums. A conversation about free respecs is perhaps not the most critical discussion in the world, but I really don't understand where this condescending response is coming from.
Sorry you feel that way. I wasn't trying to be mean. I answered RuQu's real questions and had some fun with his "not real" question:

Quote: Originally Posted by RuQu View Post
Perhaps you felt there was no point refunding Commando skill points because you realize that there is no point playing a Commando in 1.2?
Maybe "/facepalm" would have been more appropriate?