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well, on my assassin that jedi on taris said the same line to me.

but ultimately all the force powered classes are all "SUPERCHARGED" with the force. they're all pretty much super power, who'd win in a fight lore-wise? well thats a toss up. the warrior and knight are both portrayed as extremely talented saber fighters as well as strong with the force.

the consular and inquisitor are both also extremely powerful with the force, though their saber talent is underplayed with more emphasis on raw force power.

of the 4 jedi/sith classes story-wise who i'd think would win would probably be the inquisitor, not because he's supposed to be the most powerful (in fact he might be the weakest with the force of all of them), its because he would cheat. and cheat hard. as he does many times in his story to take out dudes way more powerful than him.

everyone else sorta plays fair. though in a surprise one on one fight i think the inquisitor would be msot likely to lose. the knight and warrior are pretty much the two best lightsaber duelists currently alive. the consular does some crazy cutscene power displays showing he's crazy powerful with the force. the inquisitor is powerful sure, but he's more of the scheming mastermind type.

the most epic fight of them all would of course be the knight and warrior. they're also the two that would most likely end up fighting each other.