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this could all be alleviated by making him target people outside of a 10 meter range with plasma bombs. And only targeting inside that range when here is no one outside to aim at.

Lets be completely honest. This is not a small upgrade in difficulty to the 4 man content. This is 4 man content that requires specific group makeup to even achieve it with a reasonable gear level. Can you do this with melee. yes. Will it punish you and force you to want to quit. Likely.

For example Driod:

1 tank 2 ranged 1 healer = ranged and healer run around the boss avoiding bombs. Tank interrupt incinerate.

1 tank 2 melee 1 healer = 2 melee maintain an interrupt rotation the entire fight, healer prays they dont mess up, no one to dps adds bc if melee misses a single one. death

1 tank 1 ranged 1 melee 1 healer = don't bother. Cant do a rotation bc you don't have 3 interrupts. cant do the circle bc melee is gonna get the center blasted.

Is this hard content? No this is content tuned to a specific makeup that alienates half the player base.


We tried this with 1 melee DPS (myself) and wiped so hard every time it wasn't even funny. Bioware needs to finally realize they are screwing melee over with every fight they include. As it stands there's absolutely no reason to bring a melee over a ranged ever. Might as well just reroll snipers/sorcerers and face roll as the devs seems to implying at.