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If the fights are tuned to players in full Columi or better, it is over tuned.

If the fights are set up so that melee / non-interrupt classes become a burden, there is a problem.

Not saying either of the above are true, but those are valid points to consider.

Hopefully Bioware are watching and collecting metrics and will only make adjustments based on data, not forum whiners on either side.

And lastly, I think Bioware will find themselves in a bit of a bind a few weeks from now given how easy the content was at launch.

Now that they are increasing the difficulty, many 'hard mode' players are going to find they aren't really good enough for the new hard modes, and they will be quite vocal I imagine.
Yeah, however I feel people are (as they always do) over exaggerating. It is a little birder with pure melee group or lack of interrupts. But this has always been somewhat true. I know this is just a FP and not an Op, but nobody complained that Jarg and Sorno favours dos with interrupts, or how Boarding Party last boss favours melee due to Jorlands aoe.

In this case the general difficulty is just a bit higher that people are hunting for reasons for their failure.

Personally I actually find this to be a brilliantly made fight purely because it can be tackled with a few differenttactics dependant on your group composition.

And yeah I agree with you about the difficulty increase will cause a bit of trouble because people have become accustomed to the easymode first tier. and for a lot of people this is their first MMO, so their gonna take a while longer to adapt to the difficulty. And as a result will probably complain its too hard.