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04.16.2012 , 05:24 PM | #20
As I stated before there is very little reason to nerf this place. Yes 1st fight is a bit tough, and certain changes could be made to make it easier but honestly there's no point.

I've done the fight with 2melee, and 1melee 1 ranged dpsos. The only one I haven't is 2 ranged dps. And in all honestly, a little bit of learning and its very doable.

To say you shouldn't have to try so hard is silly. It's hard mode tier 2 flashpoint that rewards 2 columi pieces and a rakata. That's like just a step below hm ev and kp, so it should be harder, more risk for more reward as they say.

Now the story difficulty of the flashpoint is still there for those who simply want to experience the content. And as stated about the loot, none of the main loot is exclusive to hm Lost Island, so completing it in hard is not mandatory whatsoever.

And frankly - that should be the end of discussion. Further complaining seems ridiculous considering the content is still there to play in normal. And the rewards of hard mode are still available from other places.