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You honestly have not given a reason as to why the Commando, which received many changes, did not get a free respec yet my Jedi Shadow which received no changes got a free respec. Im really starting to worry about this game after reading such nonsense.
For reference, here are the complete notes for Shadows and the Consular general notes (mutual to Sage/Shadow).
Jedi Consular
  • General
    • Deflection's visual effects are now more noticeable.
    • The Unity ability has been removed from the Jedi Consular class. A similar ability can now be unlocked through the Legacy System.
    • Force Slow's visual effects now begin and end at the correct times.
  • Shadow
    • Mass Mind Control: Updated this tooltip to correctly state that the ability does not break stealth. The ability's functionality has not changed.
    • Kinetic Combat
    • Kinetic Ward's appearance now refreshes properly when reapplied.
    • Balance (Shadow)
    • Force Synergy's activation effects are now more visible.
    • Force in Balance no longer heals the caster if no targets are hit.
I hadn't seen any changes on my tank, but I don't follow that as closely as healer changes. I thought perhaps there were some Infiltration or Balance changes. Turns out there were no Infiltration changes at all, and the rest of the changes were mostly tooltip or visual effect changes.

In fact, the only real changes are the change to Force in Balance which sounds more like a bug fix and the removal of Unity, which wasn't in the skill trees at all.
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