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this could all be alleviated by making him target people outside of a 10 meter range with plasma bombs. And only targeting inside that range when here is no one outside to aim at.

Lets be completely honest. This is not a small upgrade in difficulty to the 4 man content. This is 4 man content that requires specific group makeup to even achieve it with a reasonable gear level. Can you do this with melee. yes. Will it punish you and force you to want to quit. Likely.

For example Driod:

1 tank 2 ranged 1 healer = ranged and healer run around the boss avoiding bombs. Tank interrupt incinerate.

1 tank 2 melee 1 healer = 2 melee maintain an interrupt rotation the entire fight, healer prays they dont mess up, no one to dps adds bc if melee misses a single one. death

1 tank 1 ranged 1 melee 1 healer = don't bother. Cant do a rotation bc you don't have 3 interrupts. cant do the circle bc melee is gonna get the center blasted.

Is this hard content? No this is content tuned to a specific makeup that alienates half the player base.
I'm a marauder and my group did it most of us were 3/5 rakata with rakata gear with tank in full rakata. sure it took 15 wipes. but once we realized the balls only target dps we just had tank tank on corners of inner square and I as melee dps run out after the arc to prevent the electricity from moving the tank. I also think there might be a pattern it follows but didnt think about it until after we did it. the last boss gave us a little trouble to with i think 4 or 5 wipes. mini boss and pillar jumper were a joke. but it is definately doable. Also even with me only getting about 800 dps overall for the fight with the droid cause of the bobbing in and out we still down it only a few seconds after his enrage timer.

jugg tank
marauder dps
sorc heals
sniper dps

Edit: and for the most part we didnt even interupt the arcs only the incenerates. arcs are no where as nears as bad as incinerate.
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