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While analyzing the logs from our attempts at 16 hard Firebrand and Stormcaller last night, we noticed a problem with the proc trinkets that makes them a real liability on this fight.

If you are unfamiliar with the fight, Shield Generators spawn that the raid has to run under to avoid the Mortar Volley attack. While you are under the shields killing adds, Mortar Volley from the Firebrand tank hits the shield and slowly kills it. It is very important that players do not accidentally DPS the Shield Generator, since even a small amount of additional damage can end the phase early, exposing your group to unnecessary Mortar Volley damage.

If you check your logs from that fight, you will notice that every player under a shield does damage to the Shield Generator from Mortar Volley. It is counted as player damage, not boss damage. The problem, however, is this Mortar Volley damage can proc DPS trinkets such as the Campaign Relic of Elemental Transcendance, causing them to damage the Shield Generator. We are noticing the same problem with proc trinkets for all our DPS classes.

While you can fight through this bug, even a small amount of damage on the Shield Generators can lead to it dying early, raiders taking unnecessary damage, and stress on your healers that shouldn't be happening. Damage from Mortar Volley on the shields is tuned pretty tightly, and this extra damage from proc trinkets can cause problems that seem unintentional in terms of encounter design.
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