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Caladex, you say Mr. Robot found 3 other guildie's logs in your first sentence. Are you saying it did it right, or wrong? (Sorry, I haven't had enough coffee today and my reading comprehension might be suffering)
It looked right to me. Nothing seemed in error, and the fights didn't seem weird. I was a little worried because they're all pst, and I'm est (and I selected est without thinking), but it seemed to work out.

When you 'looked' for a log, where you using the character search box on our site? That box is only looking up characters for the character builder, not for logs (yet!). Do a search for 'zoopercat' - you'll see what shows up. If you are logged in when you upload a log, you'll see a list of all the logs. If you aren't logged in, you have to bookmark it. There's one more workaround if you're desparate (i've been there), you can type into the browser bar, and hope the history is there (see picture).
Aye, the browser history had the combat log, ty.

Regarding logging in: I just tried registering and it works. Does this happen repeatedly for you? If so, what browser and version are you using? I'll check it out.
Registering didn't fail (I didn't try yet), it was clicking on the privacy policy and terms of use that went to an error page. I'm using firefox 11.0, and had adblock and noscript disabled.