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04.16.2012 , 02:06 PM | #7
Caladex, you say Mr. Robot found 3 other guildie's logs in your first sentence. Are you saying it did it right, or wrong? (Sorry, I haven't had enough coffee today and my reading comprehension might be suffering)

Regarding uploading while the game is open, yeah that doesn't work because the file is 'in use.' Kind of annoying, but I don't think there is a way around that. As a side note, the reason that silverlight is nice is we can process the log on your computer then upload the parsed log to our servers. That saves on a LOT of processing, which keeps our costs low. That's nice because we can keep an entire history of logs, and not wipe them every month or so.

When you 'looked' for a log, where you using the character search box on our site? That box is only looking up characters for the character builder, not for logs (yet!). Do a search for 'zoopercat' - you'll see what shows up. If you are logged in when you upload a log, you'll see a list of all the logs. If you aren't logged in, you have to bookmark it. There's one more workaround if you're desparate (i've been there), you can type into the browser bar, and hope the history is there (see picture).

Regarding logging in: I just tried registering and it works. Does this happen repeatedly for you? If so, what browser and version are you using? I'll check it out.

Wugan - he's totally right, things get complicated with trying to match up logs often due to time differences on people's computers. We all need 007 synchronized watches... OR raid-wide logging from BW

Thorizdin: Can you give a specific scenario you want to see? That will help us spec the feature out right!