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Excellent response RuQu. I found this peckenpaugh guy's replies rather blunt and rude. My gut reaction was, "This guy is being a jerk for no reason. Why?"
It's understandable. Can you imagine putting in 5-years of work and having to face large doses of criticism on a daily basis afterwards, and then to top it off people start complaining about something as small as not getting 1 free respec when the respec cost resets weekly?

They may get "standard issue troll resistance," but my guess is that this armor of theirs lacks any "legitimate flame resistance" or "injured pride resistance."

I like to think that I'm fairly mature and I am extremely self-confident, but I think I'd be a bit upset, at the very least disappointed, if something I put so much time into had this much negative pushback from the fans I was hoping to please.

That's why even when I disagree with something they do I try and be polite. They want to make a fun game, they want it to be well-received. Nothing they do is out of malice, it just sometimes is the wrong answer/move, especially with their approach to healing. More constructive discussion can help fix that and make the process better for everyone, but that's a two-way street.
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