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04.16.2012 , 08:12 AM | #8
Name: Sihq
Class: Sorc
Spec: 1/12/28 madness "hybrid"
Dps: 1306

Well, did this right after. I know the rotation well, but screwed up one or two lightning barrage double dips for whatever reason, no big deal. Didn't use an on-use relic even though that's what I use for pve, nor did I use my adrenal. Not entirely sure if I should be using more or less shock yet, kinda getting used to the whole idea of using it to replace chain lightning. I just used it when I felt like it, usually when applying other instants.

e: crap, realized I didn't have my "force" stats showing. Bonus damage is 764 and crit chance is 36,31, and 3,45% alacrity. Two columi set pieces and a columi earpiece with aug slot, and BM weapon, the rest are rakata.

e2: It's pretty amazing how close the dps of my Jugg and Sorc are. These were just two tries, but overall their damage is pretty identical in a long fight. Granted, my jugg does have the 20% armor penetration that my sorc does not, so in a raid environment I'd still rather have a sorc because she's ranged and there are other classes that provide the armor penetration, but still, very close. My sorc's gear is slightly better too.
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