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Greetings all,

From the DxDiag's posted after my last post they do look capable of running our client. I would thus believe the problems you are experiencing are due to data corruption of some form. If you are still experiencing these issues I'd like you to attempt the following:
  • Goto your Assets folder inside your SWTOR base directory. If there is a folder inside the Assets directory called "SWTOR" then please rename it to "SWTOR_BACKUP". Then attempt to run the launcher again.
  • If this doesn't work, please attempt to run a repair from the launcher, and then launch the game again. This can be done by selecting the repair option in the launcher options menu. This is found by clicking the cog in the bottom left corner of your launcher after you have logged in and applied any outstanding patches.
  • If both of these steps do not work please try creating a new admin user profile within your windows user account system and see if the client works within this new user environment.

Please respond here with the results afterwards so we know if further investigation is required.

Thank You.

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