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04.16.2012 , 07:03 AM | #1
So we've been tackling EC hardmode yesterday. The mechanics are fairly manageable with a bit of practice, and we can get them down to 12-15% without deaths. However, enrage kicks in there and its more or less over.

Looking on youtube, I see two scenarios.

1) 4 ranged damage dealers, staying out of range except for the mechanics that require you to be closer, healers stay there too, switch target to even things out near the end, totally trivialize the encounter as only the tanks take much damage for 90%+ of the fight.

2) 2 ranged, 2 melees. Melees are always on Toth, tanks swap when jumps occure so melees dont have to move much. Ranged stay out of the deflect damage debuff on Zorn, so they can always attack, and melees can attack as soon as Toth is back to them.

Ok, good, cool. But if you have a mainly melee group (3 or more), are you screwed as far as enrage goes (because they have to sit out of attacking zorn for a bit), or is there a strategy to handle this?