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04.16.2012 , 06:08 AM | #1
As the title says... how did this happen ?

I remember getting vette's affection to over 9k before hitting lev 30
thru constant solo runs thr black talon and getting 300 cp per run.

after Act 1 finished, i had about a dozen conversations with vette ending
in a marriage ceremony, then over the next few days i got a few emails with gifts
from her. at this point id only just unlocked dark side jaesa.

[edit] the last conv with vette, she told me she was here for the long haul regardless
of other apprentices etc, i assumed that was the last conv in her storyline, hence
ive had no more convs with her since.

I actually wanted to get the quest where u have to choose between them but i dont
recall getting that.

later I remember jaesa askling me to end it with vette, so i agreed, (but id already married vette)

Now jaesa calls me husband...

bugged cos I married vette so early ?

not that i mind having 2 wifes, although i havent had a conversation with vette for ages,
I havent finished act 3 yet, so maybe ill get something then

vette has been at 10k for ages, while jaesa is something like 9.6