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What I'd say is that the beauty of getting into PvE is that you don't need a 'recruit-like' set, because you've been levelling in PvE gear all the way along!

If your gear is all orange (customisable), and you're filling it with decent stuff, then you'll be fine. As I recall... corellia quests give lots of nice L47-49 blue mods right? Once you hit 50, you can go to Ilum and belsavis to do the daily quests too to get some of the L50 purple mods (armouring from vendor, mods/enhancements from heroic quests). A decent mix of high level blue/purples filling up your armour, and you'll be fine to go into the easier hardmodes, and no-one will say "we won't take you, you're not geared" - that tends to come when people try to waltz in with L40 green mods filling their gear.

You dont need to religiously farm dailies for weeks to get gear full of purples, rakata earpiece, rakata implants (unless you want to of course, in which case, feel free)... just once or twice through and your gear will already start looking a lot stronger.

Make use of your crafting skills too if you got any. If you picked up synthweaving, craft yourself the rakata belt and bracers (even go for the augment slot if you want the best of the best). If you went cybertech, craft yourself all the purple L49 armourings/mods you can to fill out your gear with, and make yourself an earpiece too.

If you have some money, it might not be a bad idea to browse the GTN for some decent deals on those mods.

To start off, you'll want to run HM Black Talon. Its by far the easiest on the empire side and really doesn't need a whole lot of gear to get through. After you're comfortable with that, maybe look at boarding party and foundry as the next ones to go for, as they're pretty straightforward too. Things get a bit harder after that; FE isn't too hard but it might take you a few goes to get your head around all the boss fights; Kaon bosses are easy, but all the horrible trash might be a bit daunting on your first run through; D7 is pretty ugly (and probably still buggy, though i havent done it in a long time).

But yeah, work your way through, you'll be fine, and build up some columi/tionese gear ^^

After a few HMs you'll probably also be ok to go into the normal mode ops, the first 4 bosses of EV aren't particularly hard.

Good luck and have fun!