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Hi Guys
I am just wondering why Bio changed the way story mode quests go, whereas you cant have a friend to help you if needed. Some of you might think that just go and level up a bit and you should be able to do it. Well thats not always the case.
I watched my wife who plays a Jedi sage on her story quest last night where she is on the quest Fearless where you have to board the Euphony.
The problem with this quest is thet the boss is 44 elite and who needs lots of interupts, the sage correct me if im wrong has 2 interupt skills, is not enough.
She is level 47 and it took her 20 mins, afetr continous deaths to take the boss down as it kept healing its self.
If Bio kept the story mode as it was ie you can take a friend to help if needed, and why shouldnt someone be able to take a friend to help? its thier choice. This quest took my wife 2 days to finnaly complete after getting new gear and leveling up, but not after saying that she was getting so frustrated that she was going to stop playing the game, is that the response Bio are after i think not.
I have read in forums that Bio have said that the changes were made to make it a solo quest and that if they cant complete it then go level some more, nice attitude Bio.
I always say why change something that works and isnt broken. Ok not everyone needs help with thier class quest but isn't that for us to decide not Bio, we pay the subscription so we should be able to level our characters our way.