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Listen, all of these things were included in the product description of the digital deluxe edition. Learn to read words, none of this should come as a surprise to you. Remember to READ.
Your response is more than a bit unfair, and hypocritical. If you had actually read the available description of the items yourself you would know that they are intentionally vague and a bit misleading.

Training Droid: A small but advanced training droid to hover at your side for combat assistance.

It doesn't actually attack your opponent. It lasts for 30 seconds. What exactly is it assisting with other than to waste your time in deploying it?

STAP: The STAP is a sleek and unique in-game vehicle you will acquire during your journeys.

There is no mention of a level requirement in the description (much less level 25). I can not be the only person who assumed this was a vehicle mount that would be usable by new characters without a level requirement. No, I did not expect it to be as fast as the mounts you get at level 25, but I expected it to be somewhere between there and running speed. That is not an odd or new concept; LoTRO offered horses for low level players that are faster than running but not as fast as real mounts (and they were given for free).

Holocam: Keep visual records of your in-game adventures as you travel the Star Wars galaxy.

You really expected this to be the printscreen function in icon format? Somehow I doubt that.

To add insult to injury, these six special items take up six spaces in your inventory, which is a huge deal at low levels as inventory space is extremely limited and expensive to expand.

Honestly, I had zero interest in the statue (which drove up the price of the CE about $75 more than I was hoping to pay), and am pretty disappointed with the purchase. For $150 you don't even get a printed manual in the box.