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Hey all, I grouped up all of the combat parsers here. But I wanted to start one for the parser we made, specifically for feedback and testing purposes.

Ask Mr. Robot's Raid-Wide Combat Log Parsing

  • No login required (but if you want to login, Mr. Robot keeps a list of all reports you've made so you can find them again)
  • Merge raid-logs automatically. Each person can upload their own and the merge still works. Or a raid leader can upload them all at once.
  • Search for logs by server & guild, look up anyone who has the logs uploaded
  • Damage and healing reports & share any report view with friends!
  • Reports with 'other effects' used, like potions, buffs and debuffs
  • Rankings are coming soon, so get your logs up now to be added to the top DPS / HPS lists
  • Watch the short video tour!

Sample reports (from a Red Reaper run)

The technical details behind 'smart-merging':

We're beta-testing 'smart merging' of logs. You don't need a raid ID or anything else, you just have to upload your log. Each person can upload their own, or if someone has all of them they can just upload them all at once. Either way works. Here's mini-guide on the log uploading process.

If the logs are uploaded individually, Mr. Robot will search for related logs based on a few parameters, like your server, time zone, and the FP/OP you raided. We applied a few robo-smarts to this, but this likely will need improvement. We might have the 'idiot proofing' parameters tuned too tight or too loose.

I have a post all about merging technicalities here, for those who like to geek out. If you run into ANY merging problems, let me know. We are investigating each one, and using that information to fine-tune our merging logic.

Update on 4/30: Added new features, including a guild-search, log management (edit and delete), improved merging logic, and updated fight logic for some specific fights like zorn & toth. Some of these features will only apply to new logs, not retroactively to old logs.