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Quote: Originally Posted by ValaxDarkseer View Post
1.2 PvE Gear:

"Campaign" hard Raid Gear is Rating 146 (Mod Slot 61)
"Blackhole" Corellia Commendation Gear is Rating 146 (Mod Slot 61)

Whats the point of raiding in SWTOR when I can just run some faceroll dailies and get "hard mode" raid gear.

Raiding in this game keeps getting worse not better. GW2 out yet?
It allows everyone access to some kind of decent pve gear
I dont think I understand why you are complaining. You can raid with friends and complete awesome objectives to get cool gear,(which is why you do it right? for fun?) other people can do mindless repetitive tasks every day for a month straight to get one piece of your raid gear and you call shinanigans? Nobody is going to be fully geared from coriellia anytime soon, and not nearly as fast as you can while raiding.
YOu can combie the dailies with your raids too if you want,
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