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04.16.2012 , 02:59 AM | #1
I work 3rd shift a lot so I am rarely on my server during the usual peak times. During the day I count it busy if I see 40 people in fleet awaiting pvp matches. As a result it is excessively difficult to get a group formed to do any Flashpoints, Operations or Heroics. I was wondering if anyone has some good tips for how to get a group forming for doing such things. No one really uses the Global LFG or FP channels, and I'd rather not waste my time spam chatting fleet hoping for bites, but I understand if that's the norm and I just don't get it yet. On the average planet I see 3-12 other players at any given time during the day.

Any tips? I'd like to do the flashpoints without being lvl 50 and soloing it for amusement.
Don't worry guys. I got this.