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04.16.2012 , 02:35 AM | #5
Pretty much every boss that has dangerous add spawns you have have DPS aoe down adds quickly (except the bonus boss of KuS, those must be single target focussed, have not fought them post-nerf but I assume they may be AOE able now).

On the very last set of adds, which should come near the bottom portions of boss health, they should be kited by a ranged dps or simply ignored while everyone applies all of their burst to the boss. So long as you down the boss himself, it doesn't matter if the adds kill you, and often in hardmode taking the time to down the last set of adds will force you to hit enrage on the boss and wipe from 1 shots.

Other than that, basic rules:

1) Con't stand in ****

2) Know what to interrupt, and when

3) Tank must have effective use of taunts to keep deeps from pulling aggro, you cannot ask dps to reduce their output after initial pull because they're what's keeping you from hitting enrage

4) Manage cooldowns well

5) on heavy add phases (any adds that are "strong") have a crowd-controller sap/whirlwind them

6) Even when in a premade, run through fight strategies and pulls before starting the fight. Use line-of-sight to mass large pulls together for maximum DPS output.

7) DPS priority on trash is : weak/normal enemies -> "strong" enemies -> "elites". Most enemies have near the same damage output, and since you can kill the weaker ones faster you're reducing overall incoming damage far more effectively by burning them down and using knockback/panic to stop their outgoing attacks.