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04.16.2012 , 12:50 AM | #7
On our first hard mode try on lost island it took us 3 hours. With lerning about the bosses and stuff.
The second go took 90 min, with one wipe because of two LD players on mid of last boss. So yes, will be doable in 60 min.

On a sidenote, we are full columi and mostly full rakata.

BUT: even without any rakata and only a few parts of columi this will be doable. Its not a question about the damage, its all a question about knowing the mobs. All the bosses have a special ability that has to be watched for. This flashpoint is way more unforgivenable on faults as the old ones.

This flashpoint is not made for groups without columi gear at all. The last boss is the reward. And he drop Rakata. The same with the old flashpoints. The last boss drop columi, he is the goal. The bosses before the last boss drop as well soemthing, but no one really care about these.

Same with this new flashpoint. Last boss drop Rakata. This is the goal. The columi on the way is bonus, nothing more.

And even without any Rakata and maybe half Columi, it should be possible to do this. It just may take some more time.
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