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This is the problem with the state of the game. People tell this stuff to the developers.

You are trying to say that you completed the first encounter while taking three times the damage and a minute less on the enrage timer?

You're a liar.
No he isn't a liar. His guild did it, our guild did it, 3 or 4 other guilds did it, etc. Just because you cannot do it now, doesn't make us liars, it just means your raid comp is less skilled.

On the PTS when it was first available, the enrage timer was a whole minute less. The dmg was more significant. They already nerfed it TWICE based on our feedback that story mode was overtuned for the target audience. It isn't now.

You can almost ignore the mechanics and push through it with ease. The only boss that can give people a little bit of trouble is the last one on Story, and even then it isn't too difficult when you learn what you are supposed to do.

Just a reminder that WoW went in this direction.

3 Million Unsubs later, they nerfed the then current raid tier (firelands) HARD, then later released the LFR tool and 3 easy 5-mans that crap epic loot of the item-level needed to hit the final raid raid tier. They also gave people free level-cap characters, mounts, etc if they resubbed. And you got D3 for free if you bought a year-long sub so their numbers wouldn't further decrease.

Catering to grognards kills your MMO. Sorry.
Normal firelands on release was a joke, only Rag was a little complicated. Heroic mode, only Beth, Bale and Rag gave people trouble. They then nerfed it some and it was even more of a joke. Before then was even easier instances on normal and heroic, BOT and BWD. Seriously, none of the fights were complicated, including Sinestra.

WoW did those things to bring players back that moved onto different games. It was a marketing scheme only, not because they piddled people away by making things too hard.
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