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This very thread contradicts your point. It is an example of the many posts I have seen of people complaining about it. Yes, some are happy with the plague. Many are not, and they are complaining.

On top of that, as I said elsewhere, the fact is that the types of people most likely to be unhappy with things are also the types of people least likely to post on forums, or even know they exist.

Finally, please understand that I like-to-love the event itself, but I despise the plague aspect of it as implemented. Every other aspect of it is something you can choose to participate in or not. (Well, to a degree. I continue to insist that this is grossly unfair to players needing to go through Tatooine as the quest and level.) The plague takes it too far. It could even be maintained, but done just ever so slightly differently to prevent the few problems it is causing.
I see the same few people reiterating over and over that they don't like it. Like someone earlier said, when WoW did something like this, there were so many angry threads. But right now, we have a handful of people repeating themselves, while contained in one thread.