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It is sort of hard to be called "story mode", but then the loot in there is really good as well. I think if they ever decide to nerf it, it'll have to be after nightmare comes out. I'm not sure it needs any nerfing though. I cleared the place tonight, and every fight was just all about learning the tactics. There wasn't any insanely intense healing needed, or difficult enrage timers, or anything like that. You just need the raid to understand the mechanics. We made mistakes and wiped several times, and we were fairly well geared, but it all came down to just knowing the tactics, as it should. Once we had them sorted out, and people made less mistakes, the bosses were really easy. If even guilds are having trouble with the first boss on your server, well.. you have pretty poor guilds. It was an incredibly easy fight. So easy and boring that I actually had to think real hard to remember what that fight was.

I will admit that the last boss might be a bit overtuned for pugs. There's a pretty big dps-check in there, though it can be helped with some well-timed stuns. But I don't want the place to be nerfed yet. I want pugs to experience the instance as it is, and know the feeling of downing a hard boss. Casual guilds should definitely be able to beat every boss in there, no question. I think the name "story mode" is quite dumb, because it's not like you go in there to just watch some cinematics. If one likes story and doesn't like raiding.. I suggest youtube. Arguing that even people that don't like raiding and don't want to learn encounters should be able to beat it seems really stupid, but I guess that's bioware's fault for coming up with "story mode." If it was still just normal mode people wouldn't make this argument.. or at least it'd be easier to dismiss it.

I have to disagree with you on that, I think the last boss is by far the easiest one of the entire op. It took us 5-6 trys for first two, 4 for puzzle, and 2 for last boss.