Thread: Nerf Denova?
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04.15.2012 , 09:32 PM | #33
Did first boss it took us a more then a few tries and finally got it down on normal... It's all about getting used to the situation once the tanks have it down and the dps can maintain a good dmg speed on em then the boss is easy. I won't ask for a nerf ppl just need to get used to the situation.

2nd boss was a little trickier because 1 tank wasn't doing as well as the other in terms of kiting blue shields or handling the dmg and switches properly so we switched them around and boom boss went down with only 1 person dying.

Overall I would say if anything to nerf it would be to reduce trash I hate wasting craptastic time on trash and making each wipe to walk back to the boss is annoying especially trying to learn the boss strat without reading up about it beforehand.

To Bioware dev's : Thanks for making a more challenging instance but maybe for casuals you could dumb down the fights a little for them on normal mode but also reducing loot to maybe columi or giving black hole commendations only rather than rakata stuff. If ppl want it challenging and fun then HM/NM is for the hardcores.