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04.15.2012 , 09:32 PM | #31
Keep in mind a LOT of the guilds doing higher end content were using stuff like 2 sorc/sages as a crutch. The guilds that could do stuff like EV Hard/Nightmare with 2 scoundrels or a scoundrel and a commando are doing great right now, even if they switch to sages. (we're one of those. We cleared pretty much everything with scoundrel healers, so all the strategies we had to use before to just barely pull off a win, make it a joke even if we use the nerfed healers now).

We've completed EC Story with some people in the group still using orange daily gear (though most were in rekata, only a few were full). One of the "top" guilds on our server that cleared all the nightmare mode stuff super quickly and had the titles before anyone else, were relying on stuff like 4 sage healers and only ranged DPS in 1.1 to get anything done. Anyone who played TOR more than 10 hours a week could get the nightmare mode titles.

Even hard mode EC's first boss is easier than the nightmare content used to be if you were to use scoundrel healers in 1.1.

Most of EC is actually execution. So worse scenario, you'll wipe a lot until you get your first win, but after that you wont have much trouble.

We ARE having trouble on the hardmode enrage timers (surviving is not a problem), but again, our DPSe are not fully geared. Worse come to worse we'll wait a few weeks, fill up on Black Hole gear, and that will solve that problem (we're a semi-casual guild, so not really expecting to clear all content with 1.1 gears, which is fine).