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You guys just don't listen, at all.

I don't doubt that if people put the time in they would eventually get the first boss down just like I did.

What you guys seem to refuse to understand is that some people, dare I say most people, just don't find that to be fun. Since these people play games to have fun it really makes no sense for them to spend their night not having fun in the name of "earning" their gear.

So instead they will find something they do find fun to do, even if that is another game.

Then, and this is the part you guys really need to understand, the devs are going to see that nobody is running the raids and do something about it. The first option will be a across the board nerf into the ground of all modes. Ala WoW, Rift, etc. The next option will be to cut back on raid content and concentrate on content the "casuals" will actually play.

The best thing for raiders is that the story mode thing works and keeps enough of the population using the raids so that hard mode can stay as is for the raiders. Demanding that story mode be for raiders as well isn't going to end well for raiders.
Then WHY are they playing an MMORPG? I really do not get that, why do you play a game that is made to challenge you if you do not WANT a challenge? Maybe the synapses in my brain are broken or something but it just doesn't make sense to me at all. I mean there are many other games out there that will give you that experience you want, so why play the one type of game that isn't supposed to hand it to you?
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