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Quote: Originally Posted by Iandayen View Post
The fight is not hard at all.

You can't just go in and pewpew, kill, loot.

You need to learn the mechanics and how to deal with them properly.

If you can't do that it's not because you are casual, it's because you either don't care enough to try and be good or you can't be good.

The mechanics aren't hard, there is no "dance" as you put it.

The fight has been severely nerfed in multiple ways on the PTS since it was first released and I killed it in every form.

There is about 1/3 the incoming damage it had when it was originally on the pts, it has a minute longer enrage timer, it is way more relaxed.

Just because you couldn't beat it by trying to brute force your way through it doesn't mean it can't be beaten.
This is the problem with the state of the game. People tell this stuff to the developers.

You are trying to say that you completed the first encounter while taking three times the damage and a minute less on the enrage timer?

You're a liar.
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