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And what about those people who have no desire to do that?

The dance as I put it is the learning the mechanics and how to deal with them.

Good for you?

What does this have to do with the people I am talking about?

Once again, so what?

When did I say I couldn't beat it or that it's unbeatable?

I said that there is a large portion of the playerbase that will not find this kind of content fun. Your response seems to be that you like it and L2PLAY. Although hardly a surprise response but it it completely ignores the problem.

Its funny but just about every SINGLE game I have ever played both console and PC most always had points where the game started challenging the gamer. Either to just beat the game or to aquire power ups and special rewards. And in those cases those same games make the gamer jump through some major hoops depending on the reward. Why should raiding be ANY different. I get that we don't want the Uber impossible **** for every boss, but come on there has to be a point in the gameplay where the gamer DOES get challenged and proves that he can handle what the game throws at him.

The fights aren't that hard on story mode and pretty predictable even yes the first boss. Take a look at your raid and figure out who is doing what wrong and fix it. Nine times out of ten if the people griping about raid difficulty just did this, they would find themselves succeeding alot more.