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04.15.2012 , 07:27 PM | #14
And it begins in earnest.

I've posted in a few other posts about this. People are braving the forums and the ridicule they will encounter because as many have honestly pointed out. This may be a bit much for story mode. It will only get worse.

Give casual raiders the difficulty of EV/KP on normal then pull the rug out and make them be aware of actual mechanics. Bad move Bioware when you made it sound at G summit that story would be 'even easier'. They had better clarify their stance in an official memo if this is the intended difficutly for story mode or like someone above said casuals and puggers will stop raiding and possibly unsub.

/popcorn (gonna be great forum fun just like first month of Cataclysm when I predicted the same thing) Makes for great reading!